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Gassho! Shorinji Kempo Florida Unity Seminar July 11-12th was one of the most informative and educational event we have ever participated in. The kids equally enjoyed receiving a lot of attention from Canada, Portland and Florida Branch Masters. Brandon our youngest Shorinji Kempo student kept the pace with great focus and determination. There was an enormous amount of technical information to keep us busy!!! The WSKO instructors Kawashima sensei and Ishii sensei kept us in constant motion of studying Goho, Juho and Seiho techniques. The philosophical lectures were based on Gyo. A discipline that can be utilized in daily life for developing individuals Mental cultivation, Self Defense and Improved health.

I personally had a great opportunity to spend time with Shorinji Kempo students outside of practice and quickly realized how outgoing, sociable and hospitable each student continues to be in their lives. After the Shorinji Kempo Seminar Justin and I ran 10km through the Everglades in 93F temperature at 9:15am. The Everglades is a slow-moving 1 feet deep river 60 miles (97 km) wide and over 100 miles (160 km) long. The river sustains over 200,000 alligators!!!!!!

The 2.5 hour Segway tour of the Miami beach and swimming in one of the warmest turquoise color waters of Florida was like paradise!!! The water performance of Kote Nage was dubbed “Kempo by the sea”!!!! The pictures and videos speak for themselves.

We would like to thank Tondo sensei, VanAnh, Rohit and all respective South Florida students for their great kindness throughout the seminar!!! Gassho!

Orange County Shorinji Kempo Organization

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