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Gassho! All Students, Teachers and Parents,

2015 has been a remarkable year of accomplishments for the Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch. Students, teachers and parents continue to set precedence for everyone to follow. Establishing oneself through the technical and philosophical aspects of Shorinji Kempo combined with giving back to the community through our actions is at the heart of our branch. See below and attached pictures of the 2015 achievements!! FIRST DAY OR SHORINJI KEMPO PRACTICE IS MONDAY JANUARY 4th, 2016!!! Have prosperous 2016 New Year!!!


Black Belt & Kyu Promotions: Thomas & Sydni & Connor Black belt promotions; Along with 131 Yellow, Green and Brown belt students were promoted to the next level.

The most improved student: Logan Menchaca (8 years old) Logan has shown an immense perseverance and patience in studying Shorinji Kempo. His never give up attitude is truly one to be admired.

Family of the year: (2 Families Sophia and Thomas) – What makes these families special in their ability to give back to the community without expecting anything in return. The families direct involvement in the Shorinji Kempo community service events leads a path for others to follow. Congratulations Thomas & Sophia family!!!

Leadership Award: - Goes to Thomas Pham. Leading by example and his actions!! EFFORT NEVER LIES!!

Carden Summer Teaching: - Yamanaka, Yukiko, Thomas, Phi, Jolene, Lily, Connor, Noah, Esther, Haley, Sydni. Teaching is perfect conduit into helping and shaping other people’s lives.

Claire – 2017 International Taikai Theme Contest Winner!! Claire’s theme is: “Be the bridge, make the world better one person at a time” - “Making the world better place one Kenshi at a time”

Ms. MURGA piano teacher introduced her student (Anson) to Shorinji Kempo which led to - Anson, Phi, Hannah then to Jolene, Esther, Haley, then to Lily & Lana then toThomas-Lauren-Nicholas-Nathan-Brandon and then to Sarah and Jill who have actively joined and participated in Shorinji Kempo for the past several years. Also Isiah and Sydni came to Shorinji Kempo through Ms. Murga. One person can influence and change the lives of many people.

SK PARENTS WHO LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Their actions truly define their character: Phi, Thomas, Yamanaka san, Sophia and Dinh!!

BROMANCE AWARD OF THE YEAR goes to Gaganjyot and Justin!!!! The best of friends inside and outside the dojo.

Attendance: - 314 Classes total (Children/Adults) Winners are:

Adult Class; Thomas/Yamanaka/Sophia.

Children class; Valerie/Vanessa/Angeline.

Picture of the year: – NICHOLAS - JUSTIN - LISA UMEDA


EXAM DAY February 5th, 2015 (Sydni & Thomas & Connor Shodan Black Belt Exam CONGRATULATIONS!!!)

Sunset Beach Charity Run (5Km/10Km) February 15th, 2015 $2010 (Donation for St. Jude Children Cancer Hospital)

Carden Community Service Clean Up March 7th, 2015 $1,000

Charity Bazaar March 26th, 2015 $766 (American Heart Association)

EXAM DAY April 9th, 2015

Bethune Community Service Clean-up $500 May 2nd, 2015

KATA Tournament May 16th, 2015 $1,464.58 (Arthritis Foundation)

EXAM DAY June 4th, 2015

HEXATHLON June 6th, 2015 (Donation for WSKO) $1,205.54

Carden Summer Teaching June 12-Aug 28th, 2015

Carden Community Service Clean Up June 13th, 2015 $300

Florida Unity Seminar July 11th-12th, 2015

EXAM DAY August 6th, 2015

Huntington Beach Clean-up August 8th, 2015

Carden Community Service Clean Up September 5th, 2015 $400

EXAM DAY October 8th, 2015

Long Beach Charity Bike Ride & Run October 11th, 2015 $150 (Donation for International Red Cross)

Orange County Branch Tournament November 7th, 2015 $604.15

EXAM DAY December 3rd, 2015

Christmas Party December 18th, 2015 $900

CARDEN CLEAN UP December 19th, 2015 $300

TOTAL OF $8,394.73 Donated!! WELL DONE!



Orange County Shorinji Kempo

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