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Orange County Shorinji Kempo Kata Taikai May 14, 2016

On Saturday May 14, 2016, 71 Orange County Shorinji Kempo students participated in a Kata Taikai (Competition). The Taikai started with meditation (Chinkon) conducted by Rastogi Sensei and Dabo by Sydni C. and basic technique practice by Connor H. Opening group kata demonstration of Tenchi Ken Dai Ikkei to Yonkei were demonstrated by all Black Belt students in perfect unison. Four courts were set up for students to present their Kata and the importance of good Kamae (Stance), Kiai, Chosoku-Zanshin (Focus-Breathing) and Happo Moku. Rhythm and Accuracy were further discussed with all participating students. Several parents who are active students also participated were; Sophia D., Thomas P., Phi D, Jolene N & Yukiko F. These parents truly lead by example as they enthusiastically demonstrated their kata forms in front of the judges. First, second, third and fourth place results were announced in the Children, Kyu and Adult Black Belt divisions. The students received medals and loud applause from the audience. See attached pictures.

Upon completion of the Shorinji Kempo Taikai, we held our 2nd Leadership seminar focusing on good Communication and Value the branch brings to the students and community. In closing Lauren (10 years old) and Nicholas (12 yrs old) took their Black Belt Shodan Exam!! Their demonstrated performance was exemplary in which they passed their exam !!!

1st Place Nika, Kirash, Ava, Logan P, Kelly, Valerie, Esther, Noah Hoang, Angeline, Lauren, Nicholas, Cindy, Katelyn, Yukiko, Emily, Jennifer, Sophia, Ethan, Brandon D., Jill, Vanessa

2nd Place Samuel, Haley, Samantha, Therese, Evelyn, Haley, Isaiah, Lana, Matthew, Nathan, Joseph, Thomas, Sydni, Scott, Phi, Jolene, Victor, Kevin, Christine, Chanh, Sarah

3rd Place Helena, Riley, Alison, Brandon P, Sophia P, Noah, Anson, Samantha, Connor, Lily, Thien, Hannah

4th Place Caroline, Dan, Bella, Logan M.,

Gassho! Shorinji Kempo Orange County Branch

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