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Meet the OC Shorinji Kempo Mothers!

Gassho! Meet the active Shorinji Kempo moms of Orange County Branch. Anh (Grandmother 2nd from Left) is 65 years young! Anh has her daughter Cathy and 2 of her children (Sarah/Jill) at the dojo. Three generations practicing Shorinji Kempo under the same roof. Anh exemplifies that age has no factor in learning Shorinji Kempo. All of the moms are studying Shorinji Kempo alongside their children with unwavering Zanshin (Focus).

Their determination to mentally and physically develop themselves (Ken Zen Ichi Nyo) and give back to society is one to be followed!! They all lead by example and encourage other mothers/fathers to take the challenge! Camera shy moms; Jolene is our dojo Ambassador and Lisa Umeda who just delivered our new Shorinji Kempo girl “Mai”. Keep up the great work and continue to reach new heights in your Shorinji Kempo journey!!!!



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