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The tournament opened with 73 students from 7 branches performing meditation (Chinkon) which was conducted by Rastogi Sensei and Dabo by Thomas Pham and an extremely fun Kihon basic practice by Karahashi Sensei. Opening group kata demonstration of Tenchi Ken Dai Ikkei by 7 moms and their 9 children. The family is at the utmost important at the Orange County Shorinji Kempo Branch!! Family is where life begins and love never ends!!! The parents that actively participated in the tournament are as follows; Sophia, Thomas Pham, Phi Dinh Trisha Pham, Van N., Van Trang Mai, Cathy Bui and Sam Anh who all demonstrated their Kumi Embu and Sparring techniques in front of the judges. These parents truly lead by example!!! The highlight came when all the mothers including Sam Anh our 65 year old grandmother did sparring!!! First, second, third and fourth place results were announced in the Mom’s, Children, Adults Kyu and Black Belt divisions. The students received trophies/medals/certificates and loud applause from the audience.

The experience to demonstrate in front of others what you have learned builds higher level of consciousness. Shorinji Kempo training is one of the best tools for building self-confidence. By training you can handle anything that comes your way. There is no substitute for finding out for one’s self, and for knowing first-hand what you are capable of accomplishing until you push yourself beyond your limit. Gassho!


Kumi Embu (Paired Form): 1st Place:

Anh Sam, Lisa C, Cheryl C., Sophia, Therese, Ava, Nika, Hannah, Vanessa, Logan, Nathan, Valerie, Kelly, Lauren, Thomas, Ray Ishikawa, Yuki Tanabe 2nd Place:

Van Nguyen, Isaac, Roman, Brandon, Justin, Angeline, Jill, Katelyn, Noah H, Anson, Noah Ho, Nicholas, Isaiah, Phi, Chen 3rd Place:

Van Trang Mai, Ethan M, Victor, Riley, Kirash, Sarah, Samantha, Esther, Toru Y., Hideki, Omar, Phi 4th Place:

Cathy Bui, Daniel, Eric, Kevin, Clovis, VanAnh, Thuan, Bobby

Randori (Sparring): 1st Place:

Dylan, Haley, Shane, Daniel, Riley, Ava, Logan M, Valerie, Samantha, Isiah, Trisha, Cathy, Anh Sam, Van Trang Mai, Sophia Dang, Van Nguyen, Bobby, Chen, Thomas 2nd Place:

Chloe, Jaden, Logan P, Roman, Hannah, Kevin, Noah H., Kelly, Eric, Lauren, VanAnh, Toru, Omar, R. Ishikawa, Hideki Tanabe, Toru Yamamoto, VanAnh 3rd Place:

Lucas, Isaac, Victor, Alison, Angeline, Jill, Nathan, Esther, Anson, Nicholas P. Thuan, Phi, Yuuki Tanabe


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