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What does it take to be a good neighbor?

Gassho! New neighbors moved in 3 months ago and let their lawn and weeds grow to nearly 2 feet high. Instead of giving them violations and fines for not meeting the neighborhood requirements of maintaining their lawn, 1 adjacent neighbor and board members went to their home and introduced themselves. They said: “We have a lawnmower and would love to cut your lawn for free”. While the neighbor was shocked at such a gesture, she stated that they will hire someone to cut the lawn in a few weeks. After another week or so went by, the lawn and weeds continued to grow. The adjacent neighbor and board members went back to the house again and asked if it was okay to cut their lawn. Within a few minutes, 3 neighbors were mowing the lawn, weeding and blowing away leaves. When asked by other on-looking neighbors how many times we would do this nice free gesture for this new neighbor, our answer was simple “As many times as it takes to build a strong relationships through our actions rather than written violations and fines”. Compassion and Empathy go long way. Knowing how to be a good neighbor – or avoid being a bad one – is the key to happiness. Always look for opportunities to help others, rather than pursuing something that only benefits you. This is one way of mutual happiness, a way to live by helping others live, and be raised by raising others.


Orange County Shorinji Kempo

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