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Gassho! Orange County Shorinji Kempo Branch WEEKEND DOUBLE CHALLENGE occurred on July 8th/9th, 2017 where students, parents and friends tested their endurance by doing hundreds of kicks, punches, katas, paired techniques, sit-ups and a closing 1.5 mile run for the sole purpose of good health and raising money for charitable non-profit organizations ! ! Even though everyone was exhausted, students and families still found time to-get together afterwards for lunch. Even more impressive were the parents like Hang N, Diane P and Charles H who kept up the pace ! ! ! We raised $1,436 ! ! !

The next day Sunday July 9th many students and families came together and volunteered in our Community Service activity by steam cleaning carpets, patching holes in the wall, cleaning desks, changing lightbulbs, vacuuming under lockers, stage and picking up litter from the surrounding area.

We are extremely proud of the Shorinji Kempo students and their families who continue to volunteer their time for Community Service work. Our core philosophy is Half for one's own happiness, and half for the happiness of others. Gassho!


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