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A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Parents who this weekend worked side by side with their children to volunteer for painting curbs at the CENTERSTONE WESTBRIDGE community of 127 homes. 51 Parents and children scarped, taped and painted the red curbs on Saturday/Sunday (September 23rd/24th). Parents who lead by example ! ! ! ! Parents whose actions clearly define their character. The Centerstone Westbridge Home Owners Association board members are humbled by your great support!!! The pictures speak for themselves !! Phase 2 of the curb painting on the Hefley side of Centerstone Westbridge will commence on October 7th/8th at 8am. You will a have a great opportunity to meet new neighbors and build long lasting relationships through your positive actions and to give back to the community in which we live in. Please feel free to volunteer your time!

Thank you to all who volunteered: Sharon Park, Angela Tran, Andelu Vu, Kathleen Nguyen, Ashley Ninh, Nhi Ngyuen, Jennifer Nguyen, Rita Nguyen, Kady Tran, Sandy Tran, Jonah Vu, Jeremy Truong, Tommy Nguyen, Heather Tran, Quang Truong, Noemi Vazquez, Syndy Ly, Amber Lieu, Kaden Tran, Ashraf Vivienne, Megan Cu, Alyssa Pham, Juslyn Chan, Truong Lu, Riley Ham, Kathleen Nguyen, Trish Nguyen, Thuan Tong, Isabelle Flores, Joseph Nguyen, Maritee Montoya, Mone Garcia, Nina Nguyen, Amber Lieu, Darlene Nguyen, Angie Vuong, Thomas Pham, Nicholas Pham, Connor Ho, Charles Ho, Sean and Connie Christian, John and many other people !


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