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October 6th, 2017 8pm-9:30pm

Attendees: Thomas, Connor, Nicholas, Lauren, Emily, Scott, Yamanaka, Phi, Yukiko

Rastogi sensei opened up the seminar with the typical Kesshu! Gassho! The main theme of the seminar taking a stronger leadership role when teaching Shorinji Kempo to the kenshi.

Sensei asked all of the black belts what is it that you like and dislike in a teacher. We wrote down everyone’s opinion and asked all of the 9 black belts to reflect on the 7 Likes of a teachers characteristics.

Rastogi Sensei discussed that the value we create is what brings students to return for the next practice. What is the value that each kenshi/teacher/parent brings to the dojo and how we increase that value. Numerous questions were raised by the black belts in how to teach students who do not show an interest or lose concentration. Sensei discussed the tools and methods that we can utilize when teaching student. Some of the tools the black belts enjoy are listed below. We also discussed about body posture, tone of voice and the importance black belts to balance teaching and practicing their own technical growth.

Some of the tools the black belts to utilize to during their technical teachings:

  1. The Value we create with the correct words we use to encourage the students

  2. Utilizing other kenshi from different kyu/dan levels to show or explain the technique

  3. Sponge noodles helps with many of the Uke (Blocks)

  4. Punching and kicking pads helps develop distance and strength

  5. Using mats for demonstrating techniques

  6. White board

  7. Jump Rope

  8. Balls

  9. Cell phone video of the technique to show the student

  10. Punching Gloves to make a point about proper distance

  11. One on one teaching which can be very effective for isolating the weaker areas

  12. Constantly change partners when practicing a technique

  13. Silent Game

  14. Go To another room to have a quieter more focused practice session

  15. Line up all the students and let the black belt student to initiate a good attack forcing the student to block.

The leadership seminar ended with “Learn by doing” and “Effort never lies” which continue to be the primary driving factor of Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch students.

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