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Gassho! From Saturday, July 7 - Friday, July 20, Orange County Shorinji Kempo kenshi travelled from Los Angeles International Airport to Kansai International Airport to spend two weeks in Japan, the birth place of Shorinji Kempo! The kenshi (Students/parents) bore the heat and humidity of Japan to spend time learning and nurturing their knowledge of Shorinji Kempo. While learning the art of Shorinji Kempo, all the kenshi also enjoyed their time as tourists in Japan, visiting areas such as Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kagawa Prefecture, and Kyoto! Many beautiful and memorable sights were seen, and will be forever imprinted in the kenshis' hearts. Many photos were taken, and many memories were made among the 31 students that travelled overseas. A true once in a lifetime experience!

The students practiced in both Hombu and Tokyo headquarters, each time learning something new and interesting to teach the students back home. Many thanks to Arai sensei and all the teachers who taught the kenshi during this amazing trip. The classes at both hombu and Tokyo headquarters were amazing and memorable. Some kenshi went out to do Mario Karting in Tokyo! All believed it was an amazing experience, allowing the kenshi to see Japan in a new perspective. The food was also memorable to many of the kenshi! A full two weeks of delicious, authentic Japanese food.

In the end, Shorinji Kempo had brought all the kenshi together. The power of Shorinji Kempo in our daily life is amazing, and one that helps us to become better humans while also teaching us to defend ourselves. May the spirit of Shorinji Kempo live on in these 31 kenshi! "Half for one's own happiness, half for the happiness of others."

View the photos here!:

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