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Orange County Shorinji Kempo Year-end Practice and Christmas Party ! !

Gassho! FRIDAY DECEMBER 21st, 2018

Orange County Shorinji Kempo Year-end Practice and Christmas Party– Shorinji Kempo is a gift that teaches, inspires and delights students! Proud to be part of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization!!!!! This post is dedicated to all of the students, parents and families who continue to give back to society to ensure the world is a better place to live. Below are all of the 2018 leaders of the Orange County Branch:

1. STUDENT OF THE YEAR (Kelly/Valerie – Tan Le Adult)

2. BLACK BELT PROMOTIONS (Noah H/Kelly/Sophia D/Valerie/Vanessa/Angeline/Hannah/Cindy/Nathan/Samantha/Chen/Mark/GA/Bobby/Thuan)

3. LONGEST ACTIVE STUDENTS (Scott/Connor/Justin)

4. MOST ATTENDANCE 217 SK classes in 2018 Avg 20 classes a month 94% (Alan Vo 116 classes / Yamanaka san 151 Classes)

5. MOST IMPROVED STUDENT (Evelyn Phan/Emilie Yim / Victor Vuong)

6. CARDEN SUMMER TEACHING (Nicholas/Ava/Nika/Thomas/Jenny/Justin/GA/Samantha/Brandon/Noah Hoang/Nathan/Connor/Lauren)

7. MOST INSPIRATIONAL STUDENTS (Anthon Stulpin /Iilona / Noah Hoang / Jenny Cao)

8. BEHIND THE SCENES PARENTS AND STUDENTS (Connor/Thomas/Yukiko/Diane/Nicholas/Phi/Yamanaka san

9. FIRST MOM TO RECEIVE A BLACK BELT – Sophia Dang (Thank you for leading the way for others to follow)


Gassho! Orange County Shorinji Kempo Branch

Click here to view photos.

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