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On Saturday May 18, 2019 63 Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch students participated in a Kumi Embu Taikai (Competition). The Taikai started with meditation (Chinkon) conducted by Justin Nguyen sensei and dabo by Emily/Kelly. Kihon was conducted by Gaganjyot Arora. Opening Embu demonstration by Thomas Pham and Justin Nguyen. Tenchi Ken Dai Ikkei to Yonkei was demonstrated by all Black Belt students. Importance of good Kamae (Stance), Kiai, Chosoku-Zanshin (Focus-Breathing) and Happo Moku. Rhythm and Accuracy were further discussed with all participating students. Several parents such as Tan Le, Anthony Stulpin, Christopher, Thomas P, Yukiko Fujie, Yamanaka Ichiro and Phi D enthusiastically demonstrated their kumi embu forms in front of the judges. First, second, third place results were announced in the Children Kyu and Adult Black Belt divisions. The students received trophies and medals with loud applause from the audience. See attached pictures. Proud of the students and parents who continue to set a pace for others to follow!!! Gassho! Shorinji Kempo Orange County Branch.

To view more photos, click here.

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