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The tournament opened up with 73 students from 6 branches performing meditation (Chinkon) which was led by Connor H and Dabo by Emily W, followed by kihon basic practice by Thomas sensei. An opening group kata demonstration followed, performing Tenchi Ken Dai 1-4 by 22 black belts.

The Taikai began with loud kiais and energy in the atmosphere from the kyu and dan kumi embu. Sparring then took place with judges intently watching the kenshi give it their all. First, second and third place results were announced at the end of each court. The students received medals, loud applause from the audience, and a participation table gift.

Several parents also actively participated in the Kumi Embu and Sparring. They are as follows: Phi D, Thomas P, Illona Y, Sophia D, Richard D, Anthony S. The parents lead by example!!!

The Shorinji Kempo experience to demonstrate what you have learned in front of others builds higher level of self-confidence. By training, you can handle anything that comes your way. There is no substitute for finding out for oneself what you are capable of accomplishing until you push yourself beyond your limits. Keep up the excellent work on your Shorinji Kempo Journey!!!!

The afternoon technical practice for 23 black belt students was split into 4 quadrants, where one Branch Master from each region worked with the students to practice their next level dan techniques.

Gassho! Shorinji Kempo Orange County Branch


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